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  • 1.What Is A Rubber Sponge?

    Rubber sponge is a porous structure material. It has a small density, excellent elasticity and flexibility, and has a high degree of shock absorption, sound insulation and thermal insulation properties. There are many types of sponge products with different shapes, which can be used for sealing, shock absorption, noise reduction, heat insulation, clothing, shoemaking, household appliances, printing and dyeing, fitness equipment, etc.

  • 2.What Is Rubber Vulcanization?

    Rubber vulcanization is the process of adding cross-linking aids such as vulcanizing agent and accelerator to the rubber to transform linear macromolecules into a three-dimensional network structure under certain temperature and pressure conditions.

  • 3.What Is Rubber Foam?

    Rubber foaming is a technology in which raw materials added with specific foaming agents are mixed with rubber, and products are obtained through a hot press molding process.

  • 4.Whether The Product Can Be Customized?

    Products with special performances can be developed and made as per customer’s requirements.

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